Tourist Routes

The Colosseum, originally known as the Flavian Amphitheater, is the most famous Roman amphitheater, and is located in the center of Rome. Able to store up to 50,000 spectators, is the largest and most important Roman amphitheater, and the most important monument of ancient Rome which has come down to us.

Piazza di Spagna
Piazza di Spagna with Trinità dei Monti one of the most famous squares of Rome. It owes its name to the palace of Spain, inside the headquarters of the Spanish state.

Altare della Patria
The National Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II (better known as Victorian) is a national monument located in Rome in Piazza Venezia. The monument is often mistakenly identified with the Altar of patriaci in reality it is only a part, equally wrongly, his name might suggest it is a tribute to the victory: in fact the Victorian term derives from the name of Vittorio Emanuele II Savoy, first King of Italy, where the monument is dedicated.

Piazza Venezia
Piazza Venezia is a famous square in Rome. It is situated at the foot of the Capitol to meet some of the most important streets in the center of the city: via dei Fori Imperiali, via del Corso, via del Plebiscito

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